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Our Journal is published to promote both the academic study of Buddhism, especially the origins of Buddhism and the application of the teachings to daily life.


What kind of research do they do and what are their interests?

DIIR-Miss Suchada Thongmalai

Miss Suchada Thongmalai


A PhD. candidate in Philosophy and Religion department, Kasetsart university who is interested in meditation of many schools ex. Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayāna.  She also focuses on Buddhist History  and Comparative Religion.

DIRI-Dr Natpiya saradum

Dr Natpiya saradum


Dr Natpiya is interested in Buddhist History and archaeology in Southeast Asia.

DIRI-Dr Chanida Jantrasrisalai, Pali IX

Dr Chanida Jantrasrisalai, Pali IX


Dr Jantrasrisalai is researching on dhammakāya/dharmakāya and meditation in ancient Gandhara and Central Asia, through studying of Gāndhārī and Sanskrit manuscripts found in the region.

DIRI-Dr Saran Lertrakmongkol

Dr Saran Lertrakmongkol


Many years as a staff of Dean’s office, editor of an acedmic pamphet, research assistant at Chulalongkorn University, he has gained various experiences in academic field.

DIRI-Dr Kijchai Urkasam

Dr Kijchai Urkasam


He is working on a research about the trace of Dhammakaya throug ancient manuscripts  that  written in  Tham scripts and Khmar-Thai scripts from the north of Thailand. Almost of  his research relate to early Buddhism  from Tham scripts  palm-leaf manuscripts and other ancient scripts in the same region. One of the  most significant source is “Meditation in Tham scripts”.

DIIR-Asst.Prof. Dr Chaisit Suwanvarangkul

Asst.Prof. Dr Chaisit Suwanvarangkul


He is an Assist Prof in Sanskrit and Buddhist Studies, Department of Theology and Religion, University of Otago, New Zealand and also researcher of DIRI. His main research interests are Early Buddhist doctrine, Yogācāra and Tathāgatagarbha doctrine.

DIRI-Phra Akbordin Panyaratano (Rattana)

Phra Akbordin Panyaratano (Rattana)


He is a PhD candidate at University of Otago, New Zealand. He is undertaking research on the ten-chapter edition of Life of Buddha called the Paṭhamasambodhi that was written by Pussadeva (1813-1899), the ninth Supreme Patriarch of Thailand. The main aims of this research are to study the two kāyā or bodies of the Buddha, which are the Rūpakāya or physical body and the Dhammakāya or the Buddha’s Holy Spirit, as well as making the first English translation from Thai of the ten-chapter edition of Pussadeva’s Paṭhamasambodhi.

DIIR-Phra Weerachai Tejungkuro (Lueritthikul)

Phra Weerachai Tejungkuro (Lueritthikul)


He edited the Gilgit manuscript as a basis for his MA thesis. This manuscript was found near the city named Gilgit, Pakistan. It is dated around 6th century CE, written in form of Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit on birch bark. The script is believed to be Proto-Śārada, containing narrative of Mūlasarvāstivādin Vinaya (i.e.,Poṣadhasthāpanavastu).

DIRI-Phra Kiattisak Kittipanyo

Phra Kiattisak Kittipanyo


MA in Religious Studies (University of Otago), MA in Buddhist Studies (SOAS, University of London), Research interests: Meditative Techniques in Early Medieval Chinese Buddhism.

DIIR-Phra Maha Dr Sudham Suratano (Kaew-Kean), Pali IX

Phra Maha Dr Sudham Suratano (Kaew-Kean), Pali IX


His research area is about Dhammakaya’s evidence in Tipitaka, Commentary and and Pali scriptures. He’s currently working on a topic “Meditation as Recollection of the Buddha in Pal scriptures.

DIRI-Phra Maha SomKiet Varayaso (Vorayos), Pali IX

Phra Maha SomKiet Varayaso (Vorayos), Pali IX


He is a lecturer of Abidhamma classes at Dhammakaya temple as the expert in Pali Tipitaka, especiallyAbhidhamma  Pitaka.

Collaboration with the International Institute

Dhammachai International Research Institute initiated their projects by seeking cooperation with international organizations and scholars who specialize in the area of early Buddhist teachings. They also encourage the scholars and researchers of DIRI to do the research and publish their work. DIRI have signed a memorandum of understanding with well known universities in many countries for promoting the Buddhist studies, supporting the studies on early Buddhist teachings, training researchers to transliterate the ancient scripts from early Buddhist manuscripts, and providing scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students in Buddhist studies. These universities include University of Washington in Seattle, America, University of Oslo in Norway, University of Oxford in England, University of Sydney in Australia, and University of Otago in New Zealand.


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