DIRI Publication

Welcome to the Dhammachai International Research Institute (DIRI) publication page! DIRI is dedicated to conducting research and promoting education in Buddhist Studies without bias to any particular school or discipline, including Theravāda, Mahāyana, or Vajrayāna. Our objectives include promoting both academic study of Buddhism and application of its teachings to daily life.

DIRI has been actively researching “the Original Teachings of the Buddha” for several years and has established its own journal to publish articles relating to these objectives. We also collaborate with similar centers in other academic institutions to organize seminars and conferences.

On this page, you can access our journal, DIRI Journal, which features articles on Early Buddhism and Buddhist meditation written by international scholars and members of the Institute. Additionally, we are proud to announce our upcoming International Seminar on early Buddhism, where Buddhist scholars from around the world will gather to discuss related research fields. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting event.

Thank you for your interest in DIRI and our commitment to promoting Buddhist Studies research and education.