The Dhammakaya That I Know from Thor Wei Wynn (A Winner in the DIRI Academic Contest 2021)

The Dharmakāya / Dhammakāya That I Know (Thor Wei Wynn)   Abstract In the first part of the article, I provide a general overview of the evolution of the concept of dhammakāya in Indian Buddhism after the Great Passing Away of the Buddha. The similarity of this development with the Christian concept of emanation, Christology […]

Dhammakaya that I Know from Varavuthi Bulakul (A Winner in the DIRI Academic Contest 2021)

Dhammakaya That I Know  (Varavuthi Bulakul, Ph.D.) E-mail: pepe15429@msn.com   Abstract Hearing the word- Dhammakaya, it immediately brought to my mind the image of the Dhammakaya Cetiya- the enormous hemispherical dome, situating at Dhammakaya temple in Pathum Thani Province. It was the Dhammakaya temple or as Thai people called Wat Dhammakaya that, to me, had […]

The Dharmakaya that I Know from Kalzang D Bhutia (A Winner in the DIRI Academic Contest 2021)

The Dharmakāya that I Know: The Sacred Habitat of Sikkim as the Dharmakāya Kalzang Dorjee Bhutia, University of California, Los Angeles Abstract For Buddhist communities living in Sikkim, a small Indian state in the eastern Himalayas, to know the mountains, valleys, and waterways of the landscape is to know the dharmakāya. There, Buddhist lineages influenced […]