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Understanding the Significance of Namasakāra Dhammakāya Manuscript

Brief Content: “…buddho the Buddha who awakens to the fourfold of Dhamma ativirocati is more brilliant aññesaṃ devamanussānaṃ than other men and gods yassatamuttamaṅgādiñāṇaṃ anusaritabbanti imaṃ dhammakāyaṃ this collection of […]

The significance of the Dhammakāya in Buddhist scripture

Brief Content: The text compares the parts of the dhammakāya with the physical attributes of the Buddha. The 2nd part contains the verses in praise of the brilliant Buddha’s body […]

Exploring the Meditation Manual “Phuttha Rangsri Trissadi Yan” and its Insights on Dhammakāya

Brief Content:  The room of Buddhaguṇa (p. 268) writes “…when Kāya “body” and Citta “mind” have yet attained Suka “happiness, the practitioner, then, views the dhammakāya which resides in the […]
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