Understanding the Significance of Namasakāra Dhammakāya Manuscript

Brief Content: “…buddho the Buddha who awakens to the fourfold of Dhamma ativirocati is more brilliant aññesaṃ devamanussānaṃ than other men and gods yassatamuttamaṅgādiñāṇaṃ anusaritabbanti imaṃ dhammakāyaṃ this collection of Dhamma sabbaññutādikaṃ begins with Omniscience Knowledge taṃ ñāṇaṃ this Knowledge uttamaṅgādi is the head [of the dhammakāya] so far and so forth  yassa tathāgatassa the […]

The significance of the Dhammakāya in Buddhist scripture

Brief Content: The text compares the parts of the dhammakāya with the physical attributes of the Buddha. The 2nd part contains the verses in praise of the brilliant Buddha’s body qua the dhammakāya. …uññesaṃ devamanussānaṃ buddho ativirocati yassa tamuttamaṅgādiñāṇaṃ sabbaññutādikaṃ dhammakāyamataṃ buddhaṃ name taṃ lokanāyakaṃ   “I venerate that highest Knowledge beginning with Omniscience etc., the […]

Exploring the Meditation Manual “Phuttha Rangsri Trissadi Yan” and its Insights on Dhammakāya

Brief Content:  The room of Buddhaguṇa (p. 268) writes “…when Kāya “body” and Citta “mind” have yet attained Suka “happiness, the practitioner, then, views the dhammakāya which resides in the rūpakāya by following the sevenfold of Pojjhaṅgha “Factors of Awakening.” Since then the Citta would understand thoroughly the Rūpadhamma “physical phenomenon” and Nāmadhamma “intangible phenomenon.” […]
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