Understanding the Significance of Namasakāra Dhammakāya Manuscript

Brief Content:

“…buddho the Buddha who awakens to the fourfold of Dhamma ativirocati is more brilliant aññesaṃ devamanussānaṃ than other men and gods yassatamuttamaṅgādiñāṇaṃ anusaritabbanti imaṃ dhammakāyaṃ this collection of Dhamma sabbaññutādikaṃ begins with Omniscience Knowledge taṃ ñāṇaṃ this Knowledge uttamaṅgādi is the head [of the dhammakāya] so far and so forth  yassa tathāgatassa the Buddha adhigataṃ has reached varaṃ nametaṃ lokanāyakaṃ ahaṃ I namemavā namāmi venerate at this time taṃ buddhaṃ the Buddha varaṃ who is sublime uttamaṃ lokanāyakaṃ who [teaches] all beings the way to liberate themselves from the cycle of rebirth and to reach the shore of Nibbāna imaṃ dhammakāyaṃ this dhammakāya buddhalakkhanaṃ is the set of Buddha’s characteristics  yogāvacarakulaputtena the keen man who has efforts tikkhañāṇena possesses of sharp wisdom patthentena aspires to sabbaññubuddhabhāvaṃ the state of Buddhahood anusaritabbaṃ should recall the set of qualities of the Buddha or [the dhammakāya] punabbunaṃ again and again. By which this Gāthā should be remembered by heart and recited [everyday]. By doing so, it would result the attainment of Nibbāna in the future. This is all for the Dhammakāya Gāthā


Benefits from studying this text

The text not only describes what the dhammakāya looks like ( this is also recorded in Ṭīkā Braḥ Dhammakāya and Braḥ Dhammakāyādi manuscripts), but also suggests the practitioners to remember the Dhammakāya Gāthā by heart and recite it as daily basis in order to gain living prosperity and result the attainment of Nibbāna in the future.

Namasakāra Dhammakāya
Date: 1900 AD
Material use:White leporello
Location:Wat Phat That Hiriphunchai, Lamphun
Script:Tham (Dhamma) Lanna
Language:Pāli and Lanna (bilingual Pāli-Lanna text)
Researcher:Woramate Malasart