Phra Akbordin Panyaratano (Rattana)

Phra Akbordin Panyaratano


Phra Akbordin Panyaratano (Rattana)

He is a PhD candidate at University of Otago, New Zealand. He is undertaking research on the ten-chapter edition of Life of Buddha called the Paṭhamasambodhi that was written by Pussadeva (1813-1899), the ninth Supreme Patriarch of Thailand. The main aims of this research are to study the two kāyā or bodies of the Buddha, which are the Rūpakāya or physical body and the Dhammakāya or the Buddha’s Holy Spirit, as well as making the first English translation from Thai of the ten-chapter edition of Pussadeva’s Paṭhamasambodhi.

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