Associate Professor Dr. Will Sweetman


Associate Professor of Asian Religions

Associate Professor Dr Will Sweetman
Head of Department, BA Hons (Lancaster) MPhil PhD (Cambridge),  Associate Professor, Asian Religions at University of Otago, New Zealand.


Will’s research interests centre on interactions between the religions of Asia and the West in the modern period. His doctoral research examined accounts of Hinduism in English, Dutch, German and French writers from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The results of this research were published as Mapping Hinduism. He continues to work in this area and is currently engaged in a study of Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg’s works on Hinduism, in particular the Genealogie der malabarischen Götter (1713). He has recently published an edition of Ziegenbalg’s catalogue of his library of over one hundred Tamil Hindu manuscripts, including some that are not otherwise recorded.


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