Dr Anand Singh-diri


Associate Professor

Associate Professor Dr Anand Singh
Dean, School of Buddhist Studies and Civilization and
Dean, Research and Planning of Gautama Buddha University, India

Research Project

  • Major Research project sponsored by University Grants Commission, New Delhi, entitled “Ancient Buildings of Varanasi (Benaras) and their Tourism Potential”. (Report Submitted &Published).
  • SAARC Cultural Centre Research Grant, 2013 for project ‘‘Buddhist Traditional Ethics: A Source of Biodiversity (Examining the Cases amongst Buddhist Communities of Nepal & Leh-Ladakh and North-Eastern Region of India’’ (Report accepted).


  • Buddhism at Sārnāth (Primus Publications, Delhi, ISBN: 978-93-80607-74- 0, 2014)
  • Tourism in Ancient India ( Serial Publications, Delhi (ISBN. 81-86771- 95-6, 2005)
  • Pracheen Bhartiya Dharma (Hindi Madhyam Karyanvay Nideshalaya, Delhi, ISBN.978-93-80172-21-7 2010
  • ed. Dāna – Patronage and Reciprocity in Buddhism (in Press)


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