Otago Light of Peace

Otago Light of Peace

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Otago light of peace

The Otago Light of Peace is an outdoor event involving the lighting of candles for peace. It will be arranged in front of the Clock Tower at the University of Otago, and open for everyone to join, regardless of their religion, belief, gender or age. The project expects that whoever participates in the event will realise their own inner peace and pass that on to others in the society so that they can find the real peace within themselves. Inner peace and the candlelight of peace can inspire people to share peace, loving kindness and compassion in their societies. The event of peace can encourage people to think more about peace and to create more activities around the issue of peace in society.

Goals and Objects

1. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the University of Otago
2. To help people to discover their own inner peace and pass that on to others
3. To contribute to peace, ethics and harmony in New Zealand

Peace for Sustainable Development Seminar Program

Tuesday 27 August 2019
Castle 1, University of Otago

10.00 am    Opening the seminar
10.15 am     Phra Burin: Inner Peace (Keynote speaker)
1.30 pm       Andreas Johanes: Peace & Sustainable Development
2.35 pm      Prof. Anand Singha: Peace in Buddhism

Otago Light of Peace Program

Tuesday 27 August 2019
Outside Clocktower, University of Otago
If it rain, the event will be held in Castle Street Lecture Theatre (CAST1)

4.00 pm     Registering for Peace & free shirt
4.30 pm     Being in the region
4.50 pm     Opening the ceremony
5.00 pm     Presenting the Awards of the Art for Peace Competition 2019 & Songs for Peace
5.30 pm     Candle Lighting
6.00 pm     Ending of the ceremony

The Peace contract

Finding inner peace

The breathing exercises involved in meditation are a powerful tool for keeping stress under control. It may seem counterproductive to take the time out to practice meditation but people actually become more productive and focussed after such a session.

If you invest a little of your time in stress reduction techniques, you will not only make yourself feel better but you will be contributing to a peaceful, stress-free society.

Performing acts of kindness

When you help other people, you not only give them comfort and peace but actually raise the level of your own consciousness.


Anyone who rides a bicycle knows that it is necessary to find a balance between movement to the left and to the right. It is the same with the balance between work and rest: if you get too wrapped up in your work, you forget to rest and to meditate. Over indulgence in any particular aspect of your life leads to neglect of the others. If we neglect or ignore certain aspects of ourselves, we make our worlds smaller and feel less connected to those around us.

Eliminating prejudice

Prejudice is produced by ignorance. People are afraid of other religions because they have no knowledge of them. If we teach multiculturalism and religious freedom in our schools, it gives the next generation the opportunity to transcend prejudice and experience a sense of connectedness with people from different cultures.

Resolving to be happy

It is easy to be happy when life is easy. But being happy when life is difficult is another matter. It requires a change of attitude and that change comes about through meditation.

Meditation releases the happiness and joy that come from the feeling of inner peace. If you find that inner happiness you can change the mood of the people you interact with in your daily life.

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Otago light of peace

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